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Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies in Mathematical Modeling at the University of Gdansk: Recruitment Started
The new Interdisciplinary Doctoral Studies in Mathematical Modelling initiated by the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Informatics of the University of Gdansk offer a unique chance to work on the topics where mathematics meets other sciences (like biology, physics, chemistry, etc.). Here you can test how abstract ideas may be applied to model real-life problems. The model of the studies is developed in cooperation with the KERMIT research unit at Ghent University (Belgium) sharing its huge scientific experience in applied mathematics. The studies offer 10 different topics to choose from that are supposed to turn into 10 PhD theses promoted by the specialists in applied mathematics. Studies are realized in their entirety in the English language. In the academic year 2014-15 the studies will be supported by the NCBiR grant allowing our students to focus on the science and build their own scientific contacts.

More information

Recruitment (10 PhD positions) for the academic year 2014-2015 is open

Poster (PDF)
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Fully funded PhD studentship
Global multi-decadal variability in precipitation extremes

PhD studentship available in the field of 'Machine Learning for Analyzing and Detecting Climate Change' under supervision of Willem Waegeman, in the research unit Knowledge-Based Systems of Ghent University.

More details: http://www.sat-ex.ugent.be/

The ideal candidate for the position has the following profile:

  • An MSc degree in (Bio-)Engineering, Computer Science, Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, or equivalent Ė candidates from outside Belgium are welcome, but they are expected to move to Ghent for four years
  • An interest in fundamental machine learning research, as well as practical applications in hydrology
  • Experience with at least one programming language (Matlab, R, Python, Java, etc.)
  • An interest for data management and data analysis in general
  • Good knowledge of machine learning and/or statistical methods is a strong asset
  • Fluent in English (speaking and writing)
  • Team player with good communication skills
How to apply

Send your c.v. and a short email with a one-paragraph motivation to Willem Waegeman (willem dot waegeman at ugent.be)

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PhD Position
The Influence of Behaviour on the Aggregated Exposure to Chemicals

KERMIT, in collaboration with VITO, is looking for a PhD candidate to do research on "The Influence of Behaviour on the Aggregated Exposure to Chemicals". Start date: as soon as possible. More information (PDF). Email us for an English version.
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Five most recent KERMIT publications in Web of Science
(335) L. Loosvelt, B. De Baets, V.R.N. Pauwels and N.E.C. Verhoest, Assessing hydrologic prediction uncertainty resulting from soft land cover classification, Journal of Hydrology 517 (2014), 411-424.

(334) K. Scheerlinck, H. Vernieuwe, N.E.C. Verhoest and B. De Baets, Practical computing with interactive fuzzy variables, Applied Soft Computing 22 (2014), 518-527.

(333) J. Peters, W. Waegeman, J. Van doninck, E. Ducheyne, C. Calvete, J. Lucientes, N.E.C. Verhoest and B. De Baets, Predicting spatio-temporal Culicoides imicola distributions based on environmental habitat characteristics and species dispersal, Ecological Informatics 22 (2014), 69-80.

(332) C. Lůpez-Molina, B. De Baets and H. Bustince, A framework for edge detection based on relief functions, Information Sciences 278 (2014), 127-140.

(331) J. Peters, J. Van den Bossche, M. Reggente, M. Van Poppel, B. De Baets and J. Theunis, Cyclist exposure to UFP and BC on urban routes in Antwerp, Belgium, Atmospheric Environment 92 (2014), 31-43.

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Doctoral degree for Jan Verwaeren
On June 23, 2014, Jan Verwaeren successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis "Mathematical optimization methods for the analysis of compositional data: subset selection, unmixing and prediction" and was awarded the title of Doctor of Applied Biological Sciences.
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International Workshop on Multi-Target Prediction

We are organizing the first international workshop on "Multi-target prediction" at the 2014 European Conference on Machine Learning in Nancy, France, September 15^th . The workshop is a follow-up of the tutorial that we organized at ICML 2013 and it aims at bringing together different subfields of machine learning, such as multi-label classification (prediction of multiple binary targets), multivariate regression (prediction of multiple numerical targets), structured output prediction (targets with inherent structure), preference learning (prediction of a preference relation between multiple targets, as in label ranking), multi-task learning (prediction of multiple targets in different but related domains), recommender systems (e.g. collaborative filtering), sequence learning (ordered targets of varying length) and collective learning (prediction for dependent observations), etc. All info about the workshop can be found at:

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Best Communication Award for Arne De Coninck

The Best Communication Award in the session "Genomics and Genetic Evaluation" was awarded to Arne De Coninck for the contribution "A high performance computing approach for genomic prediction" (A. De Coninck, J. Fostier, S. Maenhout and B. De Baets) at the Nineteenth National Symposium on Applied Biological Sciences (Gembloux, Belgium, Feb 2014).

More information (PDF)
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Doctoral Degree for Joaquin Miguel Castro Montoya
On January 29, 2014, Joaquin Castro Montoya successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis "The potential of batch in vitro simulations and milk fatty acids to assess rumen methane mitigation" and was awarded the title of Doctor of Applied Biological Sciences.
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Oral Presentation Prize for Giulia Gonnelli

The Oral Presentation Award was awarded to Giulia Gonnelli for the contribution "Logistic regression for the classification of PSMs: a simple algorithm for a complex problem" (G. Gonnelli, M. Stock, J. Verwaeren, S. Degroeve, B. De Baets and L. Martens) at the Benelex Bioinformatics Conference 2013 (Brussels, Belgium, Dec 2013).

More information (PDF)
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Doctoral Degree for Steven Freson
On December 19, 2013, Steven Freson successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis "Transitive closures and openings of reciprocal relations" and was awarded the title of Doctor of Science: Mathematics.
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Doctoral Degree for Wim De Smet
On November 25, 2013, Wim De Smet successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis "Explicit sequence-culture-strain-taxon links in StrainInfo and their role in quality assessment and assurance" and was awarded the title of Doctor of Computer Science.
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MIMOS Prestigious Award 2013 for Muhammad Zaini Ahmad

On October 31, 2013, Muhammad Zaini Ahmad received the MIMOS Prestigious Award 2013 for his PhD thesis "Numerical method for computing fuzzy-valued functions and its applications to differential equations".


More information (PDF)

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Former post-doc Willem Waegeman appointed Professor
On Oct 1, 2013, Willem Waegeman joined the Department of Mathematical Modelling, Statistics and Bioinformatics as a lecturer in applied mathematics, specialized in machine learning. This way, KERMIT is finally home to a second professor. Willem will further expand the activities in our predictive modelling research line. Good luck!
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Nomination for Best Student Paper Award for Tarad Jwaid

Best Student Paper Award Tarad Jwaid was nominated for the Best Student Paper Award for his contribution "Biconic semi-copulas with a given section" (T. Jwaid, B. De Baets, H. De Meyer and R. Mesiar) at the Eighth Conference of the European Society for Fuzzy Logic and Technology (Milano, Italy, Sep 2013).

More information (PDF)
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Second Prize in Student Awards for Pieter Van der WeeŽn
The Second Prize in the Student Awards in the Contributed Session Category was awarded for the contribution "A discrete stochastic model for pitting corrosion" (P. Van der WeeŽen, A.M. Zimer, E.C. Pereira, O.M. Bruno and B. De Baets) at the Internat. Conference on Applied Mathematics, Modeling and Computational Science (Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, Aug 2013).

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Best Paper Award for Tarad Jwaid
The Best Paper Award was awarded for the contribution "On the construction of semiquadratic copulas" (T. Jwaid, B. De Baets and H. De Meyer) at the Seventh Internat. Summer School on Aggregation Operators (Pamplona, Spain, July 2013).

More information (PDF)
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Bernard De Baets nominated for the 2012 Ghent University Prometheus Award for Research

At the UGent Award Ceremony 2012 on Dec 19 in the University Aula, Prof. Bernard De Baets was nominated for the Prometheus Award for Research for his capacity to apply new and advanced mathematical techniques in a very broad spectrum of research domains.

Prometheus Award for Research

He expresses his gratitude to all colleagues who nominated him and congratulates all nominees and winners.

More information can be found at:

http://www.ugent.be/nl/actueel/nieuws/laureaten-onderscheidingen-2012.htm http://www.beeldbank.ugent.be/fotoalbums/505

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Mission Statement
KERMIT (acronym for Knowledge Extraction, Representation and Management by means of Intelligent Techniques) is a young interdisciplinary team of mathematicians, engineers and computer scientists initiated by Bernard De Baets in 2000. KERMIT is a partner of the iKnow consortium.

KERMIT draws upon intelligent techniques resulting from the cross-fertilization between the fields of computational intelligence and operations research. The main focus is on mathematical and computational aspects of relational structures as knowledge instruments, with emphasis on the fields of fuzzy set theory and machine learning. Particular attention goes to the modelling of imprecision and uncertainty.

KERMIT serves as an attraction pole for applications in the applied biological sciences, and serves colleagues in hydrology, ecology, bacterial taxonomy, genome analysis, integrated water management, geographical information systems, forest management, metabolic engineering, soil science, bioinformatics, plant systems biology, etc.
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